Costura Lamp


Costura is a family of luminaries designed by Spanish designer Josep Aregall for Metalarte. It is composed of two table lamps, and a floor lamp. Every lamp is finished in black lacquered metal and features a twisted PVC translucent shade. 

Looking to the future without losing sight of the achievements of the past, and once again celebrating the best of Spanish design, Metalarte recently introduced a new flagship version of the lamp.

Around the flagpole of this iconic design, a translucent sheet undulates gracefully, which now serves to support any flag or banner: countries, communities, cities, organisations, corporations, associations and clubs. It never wrinkles and, what’s more, it provides light. Costura is perfect for the newsroom, for institutional offices, for sports clubs, for the hall of a hotel or just to display with pride.


Project: Costura Lamp

Location: Milan, Italy

Designer: Josep Aregall, Valencia, Spain

Technical info: PVC sheet

Picture credits: Metalarte

Website: www.metalarte.com