Cubic Prism


Cubic Prism is a three-dimensional cube-based structure made out of three different colours of polyester/PVC textile. It consists of 153 pieces of 1.4 cubic metres, and the dimension of the tube is 4.2m x 4.2m x 23.8m.

Textile designer Akane Moriyama exhibited this at the Curtains exhibition as one of the finalists at the Curtains competition hosted by the Center for American Architecture & Design in Austin, Texas.

When rigid cubes are replaced by semi-transparent textiles, the geometry loses its shape in relation to environmental factors. The lines are moved by the wind and weight of rain drops. The transparency changes by light and the colours are mixed in space. 

The Cubic Prism is a transient experience of shifting form, light and colours, creating a dynamic and spatial experience for the senses. 

The installation’s opacity changes according to the way natural light is filtered through it, mixing the different colors – the transient prism continuously shifts its visual appearance. Hanging naturally between the surrounding buildings, the structure dramatically influences the nature of the square below.


Project: Cubic Prism

Location: Goldsmith Hall, Texas, Austin

Design: Akane Moriyama, Stockholm, Sweden

Technical info: PVC, polyester and metal

Picture credits: Akane Moriyama, Alison Steele/SOA VRC

Website: www.akanemoriyama.com