Danae Lamp

Italian artist and designer Maurizio Galante teamed up with trend forecast analyst and designer Tal Lancman, to form Interware. Their crossover vision transverses the different design disciplines, from fashion to furniture, interiors, lights, food, architecture and gardening. 

As the duo moves freely between disciplines, they revisit domains equipped with new understandings, insights and observations. The process results in a multi-faceted concept, with a subtle balance between the pragmatic and the irrational. 

An interesting example of their design approach is the Danae lamp, designed for Italian brand Boffi. Danae is composed of triangular plastic sachets made of  transparent PVC, filled with air. 

The relationship between air and light is the starting point. Danae changes from water to air and shows itself in a spiral motion, animated and revealed by a play of light.


Project: Danae Lamp

Location: Boffi, Italy

DesignerMaurizio Galante, Tal Lancmann,  Interware

Technical info: Transparent PVC

Picture credits: Laurent Garbit, Malka Architecture 

Website: www.boffi.it