Doppia Lamp


Designer: Oriol Guimerà, Spain   
Producer: Estiluz, Spain   

Born in Barcelona in 1972, Oriol Guimerá can already claim to have built up a solid career as a designer for himself. Since graduating in Industrial Design from the Elisava School of Design, he continued to complete his training in this field, working in companies in Spain and Italy, until managing to create his own studio in 1998, dedicated to product design and company assessment in design tendencies.

Doppia is a design created by Catalan designer Oriol Guimerà that gives the starring role to a deceptively simple looking shade. Deceptive because these are actually two shades in one: the cylindrical shade on the outside is made of translucent PVC, and there is a bell-shaped, white opal glass shade within.

These are joined by a stainless steel metal ring which provides an interesting contrast to the beautiful white opal glass when the lamp is viewed from below.

Viewed from outside, the combination of materials achieves a successful contrast of colour and texture, which also affects the nature of the light that filters through them.

Technical info: Translucent PVC; glass and metal.
Picture credits: Estiluz