Dotto Collection


Studio Tools is a project of self-production developed by ZP Studio, a Florence-based architecture and design office committed to creating ideas for exhibition and commercial spaces, along with corporate brand solutions and product design. The studio has been focusing recently on self-production through research in traditional and avant-garde techniques.

Dotto Collection consists of PVC plumbing pipes turned into jars or pots with a Plexiglas base. 

All objects from Studio Tools have been manufactured with the collaboration of Tuscan craftsmen, and they narrate the valuable know-how and skills of small scale production Made in Italy. Through a design driven process, artisanal techniques are fostered by innovation and new technologies: traditional wood turning and PVC pipes are mixed with semi-finished materials directly deriving from industrial production. 


Project: German Pavilion

Location: Milan, Italy

Architects: David Adey, San Diego, CA, USA

Technical info: PVC/PES mesh and ETFE

Picture credits: B. Handke, SchmidHuber

Website: www.expo2015.org