Electric Paris

The electric part of Electric Paris, a day and night venue designed by French architect Mathieu Lehanneur in collaboration with Ana Moussinet, is a tree whose branches provide sound and light to the guests beneath it.

Impressive by day, magical by night, Electric Paris is a venue which never sleeps. A lounge interspersed with soundproofed modules and an 80m2 terrace, Electric is a space, equipped with a mixing console, whose dance floor provides a new perspective of Paris, integrating the ring road as a perpetually moving graphical foreground, facing the metal mesh of the Eiffel Tower.

By day, sofas and trunk-shaped stools can be dotted around the space to form lounge seating areas. By night, these are stored away to open up a dance floor with a rippled DJ booth.

The interiors possess a great sculptural character consisting of patterned glazing, PVC coating dihedrons, padded spi canvas and lacquered vinyl and wood, giving out energy of constant movement; a movement that can be interpreted as both calm or indeed erratic - based on the ambience of the event. Of course, the most dominant features are the fiberglass/vinyl trees scattered around the area that bestow a certain sense of earthy modernity. With the projecting lights that symbolise their branches, there is something very natural about these unnatural fixtures.

An ephemeral restaurant at lunchtime, a lounge or a club, Lehanneur and Ana Moussinet have designed a space which can also be freely customised through video projections and an infinite number of layouts available to its customers.




Project: Electric Paris - Centre Culturel Alternatif 

Location: Paris, France

Architect: Mathieu Lehanneur with Ana Moussinet, Paris, France

Technical info: PVC, painted vinyl and wood fiberglass, metal mesh

Picture credits: Felipe Ribon

Website: www.electric-paris.com