PVC has a very important role in all fields of creativity, in all over the world. This section collects some of the most important international exhibitions and cultural events.

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The AWA Self-adhesive Graphic Arts Seminar
The growing self-adhesive graphic arts Industry remains highly competitive, with new developments in materials and equipment create opportunities in many application segments. The AWA Self-adhesive Graphic Arts Seminar will provide a current market overview and highlight trends and opportunities for material suppliers, coaters and laminators, distributors, converters, and end users.

The Seminar Program
The program will feature presentations by leading industry players who will evaluate the latest self-adhesive graphic arts and related technologies; discuss current industry innovations and issues; and provide up-to-date information on the global market and areas for future development. Complementing the seminar agenda is an extensive networking program, making the event an ideal setting in which to promote your company and its products to an international audience.

Reasons to Attend

  • Valuable for all involved in a graphic arts project where pressure-sensitive materials play a part
  • Learn about the latest innovations and trends, and gain industry insights
  • Gain awareness of industry challenges and opportunities across the supply and value chains
  • Presentations from industry experts will give you and your company insights into other key aspects of your industry
  • Excellent networking opportunities with a wide spectrum of industry professionals
  • Promote your company and add value to your business platform
  • Get the answers you are looking for from the experts

Target Audience
This seminar is targeted at all associated with the self-adhesive graphic arts industry around the globe, and across the value chain - from supplier to end user.

Data on Market Trends and Growth
The AWA Self-adhesive Graphic Arts Seminar 2016 will present updates on the market today, and will provide an overview of up-and-coming growth trends within the industry. At the same time, the program will evaluate the influence of parallel graphic arts solutions and substitutes, and the current status of self-adhesive graphics in their established prime market sectors.

Developments and opportunities within the following markets will be examined, among others:

  • Indoor Advertising and Branding
  • Outdoor Advertising and Branding
  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Corporate Vehicle Advertising and Branding
  • Road Traffic and Safety Markings
  • Architectural Graphics

Event brochurehttp://bit.ly/22Mnpp6
Online registrationhttp://bit.ly/1O02SFC

100% Design

100% Design

Location: Earls Court, London, UK

Contemporary designers Fiona Davidson and Gitta Gschwendtner showcased five new interior items, made from PVC, at 100% Design. Commissioned to create commercially viable PVC products that reflect the material’s versatility, they have designed a range of dip moulded products fore the home from lighting to storage solutions.

Link: www.100percentdesign.co.uk

Biennal International Design

Biennal International Design

Location: St. Etienne, France, 2002

Philippe was challenged with producing a contemporary piece which encapsulates the versatility of PVC. His Chrysalis Chair is the product of nine months spent experimenting with PVC’s qualities and reflects both the inspirational and inherent properties of material.


Salone Satellite

Location: Milan, Italy  2003

In Italy, Anna Citelli, inspired by the seemingly infinite possibilities with PVC, knitted transparent PVC tubing into garments to dress light bulbs. Her work was exhibited during the Salone del Mobile in Milan at the pavilion dedicated to young designers and design institutes.

Link: www.isaloni.it


Notech Design

Location: Mube Museum, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2002

Notech Design is a collective comprised of 13 former students of the Campana brothers who produce products from found materials and objects. Old plastic spare parts find new life as lamp and functional objects. Many of these designer have launched individual careers but still are involved for joint exhibition.

Link: www.notech-design.com.br


PVC Design Milan 2003

Location: Branca Tower, Milan, 2003

Thousands of visitors flocked to see the PVC Design exhibition in April. As the first ever exhibition to be held at the top of the Branca Tower, PVC Design showcase the projects designed by eight Milan based designer, with PVC for life and living once again bringing PVC –the material – to life.

Link: www.ecvm.org



Location: CasaShopping, Sao Paulo, Brasil 2003

The objective of this exhibition was to show that PVC is an extremely versatile plastic with still to be discovered applications. To show vinyl’s versatility, design potential and a multitude of still-to-be-discovered applications, 25 international and 55 Brazialian pieces, structures and installations were displayed.

Link: www.plasticidades.com.br



Lille 2004 Gonflables!

Location: Lille, France, 2004

Lille was cultural capital of Europe in 2004: 12 months of festivals, exhibitions, spectacles, special events and metamorphoses. This exhibition was dedicated to some of most important international artists that worked with inflatable giant structures.

Link: www.lille2004.com


Blue Man Group

The Music Tour

The unique sound of Blue Man Group’s PVC instrument is achieved when polyvinyl chloride pipes are struck with closed-cell foam rubber paddles. The performers and their technicians use PVC plumbing pipes to make many of the instruments. Their creations include the “PVC instruments”, “backpack tubulums” and the famous “drumbone”.



The Connector NYC04

Location: International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York City, USA 2004

The connector is thought of as a looping travel trough time and space. It’s a journey and spiritual experience with light, sound and space ad modelling elements. The focus has been to connect the two halls in a new and so far never experienced way.

Link: www.mmw.no


PVC Design, Designers WeekEnd

Location: Musèe Bellevue, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2005

After more than six years of supporting designers interested in PVC and its unique properties, PVC Design is lending its support to Designers Weekend, an organisation that encourages all kinds of people to express themselves through design.

Link: www.dwe.be


PVC: a creative world

Location: ID Forum, Horsens, Denmark, 2006

The basic idea behind the exhibition is to take the visitor on a sort of voyage through the various characteristics of PVC, a metamorphic and poetic material, a sort of chameleon which can take on a multitude of expressions, colours, shapes and images. The arrangement of the exhibition is itself a discrete tribute to PVC, a colonnade made with shining pipes.

Link: www.pvc.dk


L-Finesse Lexus

Museo Permanente, Milan, Italy, 2006

Tokujin Yoshioka designed ad installation using transparent cables in a space that beautifully presents the L-Finesse worldview. Each strand of fiber conceals infinite possibilities. He has used this vast potential to create a stunning experience, of desire anticipated with incisive simplicity and elegance. An experience that communicates innovation.

Link: www.toyota.com


PVC Design Round Table

Location: CIVA, Brussels, Belgium

PVC Design will host a round  table discussion revealing the great potential of PVC in architectural design. With inventive samples of stylish PVC creations, the speakers will reveal the many facets of PVC: how it allows designers to freely exploit their creative minds and devise the most imaginative architectural concepts.



PVC: a creative world

Location: Totax Plastic, Vedbaek, Denmark, 2006

The exhibition, that was shown in Horsens last spring, is designed by the Italian designer Riccardo Giovanetti. Through a collection of design objects by international designer from all over the world he wishes to show how extraordinarily versatile the PVC material is when it comes to modern design.

Link: www.pvc.dk


Art for the World

Location: Gloucester Primary School, Southwark, Uk

Art for the World organizes its special exhibitions and events in culturally significant places in Europe and around the world in order to develop on a wide scale, greater awareness and a deeper understanding of creative endeavour  and its importance to human welfare.