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Designer: Stefano Traverso, Padova, Italy
Producer: Italamp, Cadoneghe, Italy

Lamp for indoor as well as outdoor use, flexible and soft to the touch, so that the user can interact completely with it, Fan represents a luminous object to touch and to move around, whose function may be redefined according to the changing needs of the moment.

The collection, developed by young Italian designer Stefano Traverso and manufactured by Italamp, has a PVC strip that protects the bulb ensures the passage of direct light.

The lamp infuses a feeling of lightness with its soft suspended volume obtained by extruded strips of PVC, without enveloping them completely but instead attached at the bottom to the housing of the light source, free to illuminate the underlying surface directly.

PVC strips are made in violet, dark grey, green, fuchsia colour with Swarovski crystals applied to the ends. The PVC strip that constitutes the body of the lamp acts as a diffuser.

Technical info: Extruded PVC strips
Picture credits: Italamp