Filo Filo


All individuals seek their spaces and every space says something about the person who created it, possesses it, lives in it and enjoys it. Lighting contributes to any space to the extent that it affects its appearance, its atmosphere and the feelings it creates.

Light is one of the primal forces that shaped the world as we know it and its creative power is now used to create an entire world of personalised micro-universes.

New hanging and table lamps Filo Filo are a fusion of architectonical and formal essential elements, that grant a perfect lighting together with a timeless elegance. 

The lamps, designed by Italian designers Asnago and Minotti for Penta, create a new space to live and models itself according to the different needs. Design therefore, but in the broadest sense, as light, space, movement and sensations.

The main structure is made in anthracite varnished metal with a PVC cable available in different colours. The choice of a material, a mass coloured PVC cable, which is produced industrially by means of an innovative use of filament winding technology, gives this collection an appearance which unites technology with tradition.


Project: Filo Filo

Designer: Umberto Asnago, Carola Minotti, Como,Italy

Producer: Penta Light, Como, Italy

Technical info: PVC cables

Picture credits: Penta

Website: www.penta.it