With the FiloSofia exposition, for the first time in its history, the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, and Material Connexion, suggest looking more deeply into the reality of a company originating from a world far away from establishment, based on Western design.


They present a scenario-paradigm that is developing by continuous evolution, and in which new people and cultures act as the main characters on the modern design stage.


FiloSofia is a striking example of how continuous evolution is being brought to the forefront. The story here is about projects being born inside Sofia, a Russian company that became one of the major European leaders in the manufacture of contemporary doors and sliding door systems.


The project value, adherence to experimentation with unusual design solutions, and a desire to compete with materials and high-quality products are fundamental elements, which rotate on the orbits of these new international-level design companies.


The exposition space, developed by Italian design team Ramef, is subject to the rhythm of the progressive motion of red, vertical PVC strings that fill the space over its entire height and design, the central space of which holds the entire exposition solution.


The red PVC strings are symmetrical and numerically balanced, producing a dialogue between line and space. When using strings, Ramef expands upon the material’s sculptable potential and bring the installation into a third dimension. This creates a perceptual play of lines, colours, lights, and textures that is realised by the viewer’s experience of, and interaction with, the work.


Ramef uses everyday materials to create a temporary, three-dimensional architecture that becomes an extension of the built environment. His work explores illusory and geometrical complexity by repeating and overlaying simple lines with pure shapes.


Project: FiloSofia

Location: Milan, Italy

Designer: Sección B Arquitectura , Madrid, Spain

Technical info: PVC cables

Picture credits: Enza Tamborra

Website: www.ramefgroup.it