The theme of the new session of Nuit Blanche is the climate, echoing the COP 21 to be held in Paris in December 2015. In recent years many extreme natural phenomena took place in the world with an accelerating frequency. In history Paris has also experienced remarkable weather events including, in 1910, an exceptional flood that inundated much of the town and paralysed public transport. This phenomenon of heavy precipitation has remained extraordinary but in a hundred years it should become more frequent because of current climate change. 

Alban Guého’s Flood installation has been selected for exposition at the 2015 Nuit Blanche Festival in Paris. The work takes a critical stance on these extreme natural phenomena.

Deluge — flood — myths, are at the basis of some of the most widespread tales and generally, flood is a direct result of humans angering some form of supreme being(s). From this point of view, Flood serves as a subtle reminder of the fragility of our planet.

The installation is composed of two superimposed structures, placed opposite on the floor and ceiling. The two are connected by a series of PVC cables. 

A black liquid, either oil or paint, will be pumped in a slow trickle through the cables representing the slow, unceasing degradation of natural elements and resources. As the audience wanders, weaves, and observes the rain-like piece, they will be forced to look head-on at the dim future humanity currently has in store. 


Project: Flood

Location: Paris, France

Designer: Alban Guého, Paris, France

Technical info: PVC cables

Picture credits: Alban Guého

Website: www.albangueho.com