Footwear Design


Designer : Kobi Levi, Israel   
Producer: Kobi Levi Design, Israel   

Israeli footwear designer Kobi Levi’s brilliant shoe creations are like wearable sculptures. His shoe designs are inspired by human body, animals and fruits and transformed into humoristic footwear. The motivation to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept and image comes to his mind. The combination of the image and footwear creates a new hybrid and a design comes to life.

All pieces designed by Kobi Levi are wearable sculptures made of different materials as PVC, leather and metal. Most of the inspirations he takes from out of the “shoe-world” itself and transforms them into artistic creations.

‘Coffe Series’ is a new black and white creation that draws its form on that of a carafe, the illusion of liquid being disguised as the heel, as if it is being poured out of a container. Leather is used in composition with clear PVC for the body, while the heel is made from cast aluminium.

‘Slide’ is born from the complaints of women wearing high heels that their feet always slide forward in the shoes. This idea is represented using a tongue-in-cheek design, incorporating bright primary colours and utilizing a PVC playground slide as the basis of the shoe's main form, with a ladder functioning as the heel.
‘Bird Series’ uses well-known iconic appearance of some feathered friends, such as a mallard duck and swan, incorporating into footwear. The colours and shapes represent the colour types of feathers, while the beaks become the heel.

‘Banana’ comes from the usually unpleasant combination of banana peels and shoes. this is a playful unification of the elements, the shape of the slipper taking on the look of a peeled banana. Both the sole and heel are made from one aluminium piece covered with PVC and leather.

Technical info: PVC, leather and aluminium.
Picture credits: Kobi Levi Design