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Forest of Images   Forest of Images

Architects: 42 Architects, London, UK   
Location: Tate Modern Tanks, London, UK    
London-based practice 42 Architects acted as architects and art directors to transform the Tate Modern Tanks into a fashion show space as part of London Fashion Week A/W 2013.
Acknowledging the powerful spatial experience the space itself holds, the architects decided to only create structures that would complement or highlight the qualities of the spaces designed by Herzog and deMeuron. They developed the designs around two themes: the photographic sequences of Edward Muybridge, capturing movement through space, and the historice use of the Tate Tanks as oil storage facilities. 
42 Architects designed a very large curved wall for the entrance into the show space. Clad in a high gloss black PVC, it referenced the history of oil, and also played a game of reflections with carefully positioned graphics and light.
For the show, the space was left almost untouched, and instead a series of panoramic projections live captured the models and projected them as a shifting sequence of still images across the walls of the tank space. In the tank foyer area, we designed the bar area, mainly consisting of a sculptural yet simple back-lit bar, which served as a focal point for visitors who wanted to linger in the space before, after or in between shows.” 
Technical info: PVC panels
Picture credits: 42 Architects