Designer: Elise Fouin, France   
Producer: Tarkett, France   

Elise Fuoin is a young Parisian designer that works by and other way than the design's traditional. She thinks about the materials before the object. 

Elise has recently designed Hilly, a ground covering in response to flooring company Tarkett and project design agency's Prompt, 'the ground upside down'. The piece is a flat surface that, when inflated, becomes a miniature mountainous landscape.

The work is comprised of nine layers of vinyl flooring by Tarkett and includes honeycombed cutouts and a balloon system to allow for the selective amplification of the work.

Elise Fuoin loves to play with the touch and the feel of materials that she founds and works on with subtlety. She diverts, rolls, piles up, adjusts, wraps, cuts  until the object being born.

Technical info:
Vinyl flooring

Picture credits:
Courtesy Colombe Clier