Infinite Loops

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Amsterdam studio Formafantasma used lengths of translucent plastic to create "infinite loops" around the catwalk for fashion label Sportmax during last Milan Fashion Week in 2015. Formafantasma founders Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi, who are better known for their experiments with materials like lava and animal skins, were asked by the brand to design the set just months before the show. They joined the likes of AMO, Studio Job and Pernilla Ohrstedt, who have all previously designed catwalks for fashion shows.

Trails of PVC plastic in yellow, black and nude colours were used to cover three sections of the narrow catwalk. From the ends of these walkways, the material was stretched around the space and then looped back to the start of the low platforms. Zigzagging from the ceiling, the translucent film was hooked over high, thin rods and held down on the floor by terracotta cylinders. The decision to use these two materials was because they wanted to have a Mediterranean feel, with the use of terracotta but contrasted with a more contemporary, plastic and translucent material.

Their main inspirations for the colour pallet and material were both very sophisticated houses such as the ones designed by Pietro Lingeri, by Como Lake, and also Italian 'summer houses' built between the 60s and 70s characterised by a large use of terracotta solar shadings. The set design references the work of Russian CuboFuturism artist Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Ekster.

Designers: Formafantasma, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Website:  www.formafantasma.com 

Producer: Sportmax, Milano, Italy 

Website: www.sportmax.com

Technical info: PVC sheet

Picture credits: Formafantasma