Lab Office

Luis Pons Design Lab is a design firm specialising in residential and hospitality design. 

Their designs emerge by creating a narrative directly from the clients' expression, taking aspects of their stories and reintroducing them in delightful ways. As a result, spaces and furnishings have a dynamic element that are memorable and pleasing. Inanimate objects come to life, acting as catalysts that reveal more about the people and their environments. 

Ready-made and bursting with color, inflatable objects inhale air and glowing colour to create the luminous room of the new Luis Pons creative laboratory. Originally conceived as a changeable space to host both office and living areas, it is shaped by a series of mobile containers that function as room dividers and storage spaces. It has been undertaken by assembling the parts of pre-existing products easily found in the marketplace (supermarkets, hardware stores and pharmacies), in order to design an installation which best reflects our philosophy.

The project was accomplished with a small budget, and with the additional objective of overcoming the challenges moving as well as shipping and handling materials. It is also the first of many design installations that uses inflatable products to speak about today’s cultural scene.




Project: Lab Office

Location: Miami, Florida, USA 

Designers: Luis Pons Design Lab, Miami, Florida, USA

Technical info: Inflated PVC

Picture credits: Luis Pons Design Lab 

Website: www.luispons.com