Lift Installation

Snarkitecture is a collaborative practice, established by Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham, operating in territories between the disciplines of art and architecture. Working within existing spaces or in collaboration with other artists and designers, the practice focuses on the investigation of structure, material and programme and how these elements can be manipulated to serve new and imaginative purposes. Searching for sites within architecture with the possibility for confusion or misuse, Snarkitecture aims to make architecture perform the unexpected. 

Lift was their recent installation for the New Museum Gala in New York City. Lift, which the designers at Snarkitecture describe as a ‘floating landscape’, was a spatial, performance-based installation that explored the expansive interior in which it was located. Each of the 45 performers had command over one inflatable PVC white sphere, the accumulation of which created a cloudlike effect in the space.  

The performance was choreographed to slowly reveal new configurations of the spheres in what the designers called ‘playful yet elegant exercises.’ As performers manipulate the suspended plane, Lift dramatically alters the visual and spatial qualities of the existing architecture to create unexpected moments.


Project: Lift Installation

Location: New Museum Gala, New York, USA

Designers: Snarkitecture, New York, USA

Technical info: Inflatable PVC

Picture creditsJesse Untracht-Oakner

Website: www.snarkitecture.com