Liquid reality

Young Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira has conceived a number of new works, each one articulating stronger than ever, his ability to transform three-dimensional spaces into a high-octane atmosphere of free-flowing energy. The pieces are generally characterised by natural and PVC-based materials carefully arranged to construct often large-scale, organic masses – the aesthetic in some ways referencing confronting anthropomorphic elements.

The mixed media work is not only able to be viewed, but also experienced in an acutely immersive way, with one of his latest pieces ‘ursulinens prolapse’ featuring a provocative, textured and highly detailed interior able to be entered, submerging the viewer into the bowels of another world. 

The characteristic contours, rivulets and amoebic qualities of Oliveira’s work has been formed by a childhood exposed to his father’s woodworking shop, where after studying social media, his career choice took another turn, deciding to ‘paint’ with wood, a material often used in the artist’s sculptures. Oliveira manages to shackle the viewer to his work, requesting them to explore, question and, most importantly, remain curious.


Project: Vertical Constructions I and II

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Designer: Henrique Oliveira, São Paulo, Brazil       

Technical infoPVC with wood, concrete and wood

Picture creditsEverton Ballardin

Website www.henriqueoliveira.com