Net Blow Up

Croatian-Austrian design collective Numen/For Use are best known for their large scale interactive sculptures, often using everyday materials like tape while building.  

Their latest structure Net Blow near the waterfront in Yokohama is an inflatable, box-like space with buoyant black webs fitted tightly inside. The blown-up exterior skin creates an immersive interior cavity filled with a complex network of interwoven mesh material. Visitors invited inside become temporary inhabitants of the playful balloon-like pavilion, completely encompassed in both net and bubble and able to bounce and boomerang off the ceiling, floor, and walls. 

The soft PVC object deforms and mutates with every movement inside, making it a constantly evolving, kinetic expanse. At night, illumination from within almost becomes a projection screen, casting shadows of the shifting environment outside.

Net Blow up is a further development of the Net project both in means of construction and appearance. The object is inflated till the outer surface reaches adequate tension for stretching the nets connected on the inner side of the object. This construction excludes any use of additional structure. 

The result is a soft object which deforms and mutates with every movement of its temporary habitants. The outer membrane acts both like a "soft box" diffuser of the outside light, or a projection screen in case of inner illumination of the installation. 


Project: Net Blow Up

Location: Yokohana, Japan

ArchitectsNumen/For Use, Wien, Austria

Technical info: Inflatable PVC

Picture credits:Tomohisa Tasho

Website: www.numen.com