On Space Time Foam

On Space Time Foam  On Space Time Foam On Space Time Foam 

On Space Time Foam  On Space Time Foam 
On Space Time Foam  On Space Time Foam  On Space Time Foam 

Artist: Tomás Saraceno, Frankfurt, Germany
Locations: Hangar Bicocca, Milano, Italy 

Tomás Saraceno's installations shatter traditional concepts relating to place, time, gravity and traditional ideas as to what constitutes architecture. His works are utopian and invite the viewer to play a part in their impact on a particular space, as they reach up to the sky and down to the ground. The artist creates gardens that hang in the air and allow visitors to float in space, fulfilling a dream shared by all humankind.

Saraceno draws inspiration from soap bubbles and the incredible strength and flexibility of spider webs. The interests of the Argentinian-born and Frankfurt-based artist Saraceno are broad and he moves with confidence from place to place throughout the world.

Everything he does appears to develop from a certain degree of boundlessness, motivated by an interest in the changes taking place in the world in which we live. Each of his objects invites the viewer to consider alternative forms of knowledge, feelings and our interaction with others.

The recent exhibition On Space Time Foam at Hangar Bicocca in Milano, gives visitors the chance to see for themselves how the hanging settlements made of transparent PVC interact with each other and the space, not merely by observing them from afar, but by actually entering them.

On Space Time Foam is a multi-layered habitat of membranes suspended 24 meters above the ground that is inspired by cosmology and life sciences. Each level has a different climate and air pressure and will react to the movement of visitors through it.

Technical info: Transparent PVC
Picture credits: Alessandro Croco