One Piece Of Lamp

One piece of lamp One piece of lamp  One piece of lamp 
One piece of lamp  One piece of lamp  One piece of lamp 
One piece of lamp  One piece of lamp   

Designer : Kiseung Lee, Seoul, Korea
Producer: Studio Inbetween, Helsinki, Finland 

Conceived in a rather unique manner, the multi-purpose One Piece Of Lamp by Helsinki-based designer Lee Kiseung of Studio Inbetween, takes a thin layer of PVC panel and slices interval patterns using a rolling press, where the material properties can then extend and contract.

Thanks to characteristics given to the sheet from this process, the two-dimensional artifact can then change its overall shade size as it assembles with another module. Depending on the length of each pattern or component size, it reflects on its overall lamp shape or extension limit.

From this, the lighting piece utilizes the fragility of the wooden veneer to define its structural resolution. as each produced object maintains its original manufacturing method, the application of various materials such as plywood, PET or carbon paper can be further implemented.

The One Piece of Lamp, by Korean designer Kiseung Lee of Studio Inbetween, was one of the outstanding eco-designs showcased at this year’s 100% Design International Pavilion at the London Design Festival. The lamp aims to discover new possibilities from geometric features with different perspectives and a wide spectrum of materials.

Technical info: PVC sheet
Picture credits: Studio Inbetween