Artist: Ehud Oren, Israel   
Locations: Braverman Gallery, Israel   

Israeli artist Ehud Oren has recently presented Photosynthesis at Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv. Ehud Oren recontextualizes ordinary images from the exterior world as canvases for functional repositories which conceal the mundane items of domestic life.

Vinyl sheets of buildings in both Tel Aviv and New York cover the surfaces of the cabinets, concealing the locations of cupboard and drawer openings. Images of eroded wall surfaces and street rubbish wrap some of the smaller sets of drawers, while one cabinet is decorated as an apartment block with rotated and jumbled elevations.

The juxtaposition of exterior and interior objects and landscapes prompts the viewer to question notions of routine and familiarity. The quotidian critique celebrates the seemingly stagnant surroundings and realities most individuals take for granted.

Technical info:
Vinyl sheets

Picture credits:
Courtesy Braverman Gallery