Points of Contention

Points of Contention, Jonathan Latiano’s installation, is an explosion of what appears to be crystalline growth from the wooden floorboards of a gallery in the School 33 Art Center in Baltimore. It’s actually made from PVC pipes, and Styrofoam. Jonathan Latiano‘s work explores the tension created by the presence of fragility and the temporary and the viewer’s own contextual relationship to the art and the space it inhabits.

As an installation sculptor, Latiano is interested in where elements of his art are physically and metaphorically beginning and ending. Site-specificity and architectural intervention are vital factors in his work, dictating the wide range of materials and techniques that he employs.

“The pieces that I create contrast abstracted human intuition with the reality of our natural environment. I strive to emphasise the areas that exist in-between the boundaries of defined regions. My work, in many ways, is my own personal attempt to understand my place in the physical universe. I find the poeticism and concepts of the natural universe simultaneously fascinating, beautiful and unsettling,” Latiano explains.


Project: Points of contention

Location: Baltimore, USA    

Designer: Jonathan Latiano, Baltimore, USA  

Technical infoPVC pipes and Styrofoam


Picture creditsMax Streicker