Puzzletheque Puzzletheque  Puzzletheque 

Artist : Britt Salt, Victoria, Australia    
Location: Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne, Australia       

Britt Salt’s practice is an ongoing spatial experiment where fundamental elements such as line, form and space intertwine. Across drawing, sculpture and installation, Australian artist Salt employs repetition and materials as PVC that have an inherent ability to create movement; such as industrial meshes. These mesmerising transparent structures are suspended in space, offering a multitude of shapes and appearances. When viewed from different angles, manifold patterns and forms emerge, objects can be viewed through other objects and a number of perspectives can be seen. 
Puzzlethèque is an installation that resonates with the mechanics of stuff and creates a space where vision and movement are linked by means of the body. On encountering Puzzlethèque, the viewer becomes the orchestrator of these elements. They are invited to pluck forms from the installation and use them to move around the gallery, before repositioning them back ¬¬within the installation. It is this movement and interaction that determines how the elements of the work potentially fit together as a spatial whole.  Here, surface merges with structure, interiors conflate to exteriors and forms appear then disperse. 
Puzzlethèque creates an environment which is movable and in flux, inciting the viewer to question how the forms around them are constructed and how they will reorient their positions relative to the space.
Technical info: Inflatable PVC and PVC wallcovering
Picture credits: Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts