Ribbon LED Lamp

Designers: Alberto Fraser, Italy   
Producer: Lumen Center Italia, Italy  

A prolific, versatile Italian designer, Alberto Fraser organizes his work into clearly defined periods that take shape along the path of his personal artistic trajectory. Rather than develop his career within a single design discipline – be it industrial, furniture, interior, lighting or architectural design – he chose to move freely among them all.

Alberto Fraser has no consistent style that carries through his body of work. The fact that one creation can be so stylistically different from another may also be attributed to the designer's ability to experiment many different materials at the same time.

Ribbon LED, the new table lamp designed by Fraser for Lumen Center is a good example of innovation and design. With a flexible arm in transparent PVC, incorporated sensors for regulating light levels and a chrome and transparent polycarbonate, Ribbon Led is a table lamp that can be configured as desired. The light source is LED that moves in any direction thanks to the flexible arm made like a ribbon (hence the name) with wires visible inside.

Technical info:
Transparent PVC with polycarbonate and aluminium

Picture credits:
Courtesy Lumen Center Italia