Rip And Pull


Artist: Rebecca Ward, USA    
Gallery: Finesilver Gallery, USA   

Rebecca Ward’s works are intricate and thoughtfully planned geometric installations that comment on the site’s architecture. Ward’s site-specific works are intricate and thoughtfully planned geometric installations applied to an interior in a way that comments on the site’s architecture. Ward’s signature medium is vinyl tape and through this medium she explores the unique structures of the sites in which her installations are situated.

Ward’s installation embraces all aspects of the gallery space, utilizing the intimate nooks between columns and walls that might otherwise go unnoticed. Her two-dimensional works and animations explore illusory and geometrical complexities by repeating and overlaying simple shapes, patterns, and lines. She creates three-dimensional shapes that then become extensions of the built environment.

Ward creates colorful installations that are immediately playful with their circuslike stripes and dizzying grids. Further consideration reveals a deliberate plan and underlying structure to the works. The linear compositions are a picture of control and tension. Weight, stickiness and span are all carefully considered.

Lots of people love playing with vinyl tape, but Rebecca Ward has elevated sticking-tape-on things into an artform.

Technical info: PVC Tape
Picture credits: Rebecca Ward, Finesilver Gallery