Six Tables On Water

Six tables on water Six tables on water  Six tables on water 
Six tables on water Six tables on water  Six tables on water 
Six tables on water  Six tables on water   

Designer: Gaetano Pesce, New York, USA 
Producer: David Gill Gallery, London, UK 

Italian-born, New York-based designer and architect Gaetano Pesce's latest work is a limited-edition sextet of tables called 'Six Tables On Water'.

With their irregular edges and lusciously glossy surfaces, these are typically unorthodox: Pesce has experimented with materials for decades. His monumental new tables - with tree trunk-thick legs made of rigid polyurethane foam and tops in PVC, epoxy resin, soft urethane resin and sand - represent six variations of water: an ocean, lagoon, pond, puddle, river and lake, and were created in Pesce's workshop in Brooklyn.
Pesce's most recent work is forthright in his desire to investigate contemporary materials used within experimental technologies which push the boundaries of production processes, through the exploration of the elasticity and sensuality of PVC mixed with silicon, resin and foam.

Intriguingly, they feature Lilliputian details that invite close inspection: one table representing Venice's lagoon features tiny patches of darker pigment suggesting polluting chemicals; the one based on a lake (Lake Garda) incorporates steps leading to it.

Most 3D elements can be removed when the table is used. Like all Pesce's work, the tables straddle design and art; they're functional and meaningful. They make a statement - that water is vital to life yet people don't respect it.

The idea for them was conceived a year ago during a conversation between Pesce and David Gill, whose London gallery exhibited them last December.

Technical info: PVC with rigid polyurethane foam and epoxy resin
Picture credits: John Rohrer