Soft Bicycles

Soft Bicycles  Soft Bicycles
Soft Bicycles   

Artist: Margarita Cabrera, Monterey, Mexico
Location: Sweeney Art Gallery, Riverside, USA

Margarita Cabrera is a Mexican sculptor whose painstakingly handcrafted objects and installations address timely and provocative issues related to border relations and Mexican immigration.

Soft bicycles are her recent soft sculptures, which seduces a viewer’s touch by the nature of its materiality. Every piece consists of coloured PVC of fabric sewn together with black thread to re-create the shape of real bikes.

In Margarita Cabrera’s series of soft sculptures, threads left exposed serve as a reminder of the labor involved in the manufacturing of this subject matter. Sagging PVC imbues the work with an anthropomorphic quality that references the harsh nature of worker’s realities.

Margarita Cabrera’s vibrantly-coloured bikes challenge viewers to engage in debates about Mexican immigration and the border relations.

Cabrera’s Bikes pay homage to the thousands of laborers working in multi-national assembly plants near the U.S.-Mexico border—where engine parts for bikes are made. Cabrera re-envisions the Mexican bike as a flaccid, vulnerable object that implicitly questions the power, excess, and wealth that, to some, signifies the American Dream.

Technical info: PVC fabric
Picture credits: Margarita Cabrera, Sweeney Art Gallery