Surf Air

Surf Air Surf Air  Surf Air 
Surf Air  Surf Air   

Designer: Thomas De Lussac, Paris, France
Producer: Surf Air, France 

French designer Thomas De Lussac has revolutionized the world of amateur surfing with his inflatable surfboard, developed using an innovative technique - "three-dimensional fabric”.

Accessible, convenient, innovative and useful, the Surf Air board is ideal for amateur surfers aspiring to become the future kings of the big waves. The three-dimensional fabric used to construct each board is double-coated with PVC, providing a remarkable rigidity.

The Surf Air inflates in a couple of minutes and becomes as solid and stable as a conventional surfboard. Once rolled back together, it is easily transportable and can easily fit inside a small gym bag. Surf Air gives experienced surfers a handy second surfboard they can take anywhere. It’s also the perfect board for surf schools and beginners because It paddles well and has a good grip for take-off.

Technical info: Inflatable PVC
Picture credits: Thomas De Lussac