Threedimensional Lights

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London-based designer Ross Lovegrove created an installation of large volume, 3D lights within a distinctive hexagon-tiled reflective pavilion, made from materials and technology by the innovative French company, Barrisol. Both the pavilion and lighting collection were on view at the last Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium.

The outside of the structure, which measures seven metres in height and 12 metres along each side, is clad in hexagonal tiles that are covered with reflective golden membranes to look like a honeycomb. Inside, a bright white environment is created using a different type of Barrisol that covers the walls and ceiling.
The installation includes four large pieces that balance aesthetic form with a subtle lighting function. Three pieces of the collection are forms of an ‘infinite loop’, they are highly volumetic, three-dimensional lights, created from a perfect synergy between the stretched PVC material, LED lighting and an aluminium framework. The final piece, Manta, forms a rhomboid, which allows for many different large modular arrangements. In this light, PVC foils with different intensities of stretch provide highly layered acoustic dampening and uniform lighting.

The material is pushed in and pulled out across the surfaces, holding it in tension and forming a subtle pattern of shadows that corresponds with the framework for the exterior.
Due to the material's acoustic-dampening properties, the space is quiet despite the hustle and bustle of the trade fair around it.


Designer: Ross Lovegrove, London, UK 

Website: www.formafantasma.com

Producer: Barrisol, Paris, France 

Website: www.barrisol.com 

Technical info: Barrisol membrane

Picture credits: Ross Lovegrove