Artist: Steen Ipsen, Copenhagen, Denmark  
Location: Puls Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Steen Ipsen is a Danish artist that works in a decorative expression involving both form and decoration. Decoration is integrated into the form and the form itself is spatially decorative. His Tied-Up sculptures integrate ceramic parts with mass-coloured PVC strips able to link all parts. 
Tied-Up sculptures are unique and made of stoneware and long multicoloured PVC strips. 
The process could be based on clay-elements moulded in shapes and then built them up in terms and variations or it could be a process based on hand-building sculptures. 
The works are constructed according to certain rules, either methodical or chaotic, simple or complex. The shape is as important as the decorative element and the two fuse to become one.
The shapes are often extreme and outrageous, repetitive and accumulated. In his works, Steen Ipsen is always looking to develop an abundance of sensuality  and find a formal vocabulary that is rooted in modernism.

Technical info: PVC strips, ceramic
Picture credits: Steen Ipsen