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Visser en Meijwaard is the design label founded by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard in 2013. Both followed their education Product Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, where they continued to work and live. The designer duo makes strong, but subdued, products, from accessories up to interior products, of which versatile materials and clear shapes constitute the essence. In their designs they are guided by recognisable details and the way in which the product is used.

Inspired by the versatility of industrial PVC cloth, Visser and Meijwaard developed Truecolors. The collection consists of a series of benches, stools, cabinets and bags made from this strong industrial cloth. Truecolors is a contemporary design collection in which versatility of colour and use are key.

The designers explain: “It all started with the idea for a stool. We looked at an old gymnastics buck and got triggered by its animal like features and the quirky way it stands.” The zipper that is used connects the cushion to the wooden base. The range includes a bench, stool, barstool, bar bench, cabinet and credenza made with industrial-grade PVC cloth on an oak frame.

The zipper, prominent in all the products, is the line’s signature aesthetic. With both technical and visual importance, the component sets the design apart. For transport, the legs can be removed along with the cushion. By cleverly enlarging and incorporating details, the designers were able to create a level of versatility in both colour and function. The Truecolors collection debuted last April during the Milan Design Week 2015.

Designer: Wisser en Meijwaard, Arnhem, Netherlands 

Website: www.vissermeijwaard.nl 

Technical info: PVC sheet

Picture credits: Kevin Rijnders