Vapor II Collection

Pieke Bergmans, the Amsterdam-based designer, developed a technique similar to glass blowing to create these plastic lighting installations. Bergmans experimented with heating and rapidly inflating PVC so the final form is partly left open to chance. 

”I don’t like to design as a designer and be very precise about how things should look,” Bergmans explains. “I prefer that shapes grow into their natural environment, so the only thing I decide is to add more or less air or maybe a few colours, time or material.”

One group of objects have been extruded into twisting, rippled pipes with a light bulb illuminating them from within. Another series is made by blowing air into the plastic until it stretches into a delicate, translucent tube at one end. 

Bergmans explained that the collection is called Vapor II because “the lighting objects fade away into nothing, like a gas that seems to dissolve.” The collection follows Bergmans’ previous experiments with glass blowing, which included her hand-blown organically-shaped light bulbs and a series of polished bronze objects with blown-glass lamps spilling out of them, designed in collaboration with Dutch designers of Studio Job.

Vapor II was presented in an old pump house in Eindhoven as part of Dutch Design Week 2013, with the first series displayed nestled amongst the pipes and the billowing second series suspended in the central double-height space.


Project Vapor II Collection

Location Amsterdam, Netherlands

Designer: Pieke Bergmans, Amsterdam, Netherlands    

Technical infoInflated PVC

Picture creditsMirjam Bleeker