Vieques Rug


Designer: Patricia Urquiola, Spain   
Producer: Kettal, Spain     

Spanish furniture producer Kettal has recently presented a new collection designed by famous design star Patricia Urquiola. The Vieques collection comprise also a new set of rugs made from an innovative and exclusive fabric, Nido d'Ape, which is the result of over two years of research and created by Kettal.

Nido d'Ape is three-dimensional braided PVC fabric with exceptional technical characteristics for breathability and resistance to rubbing, external agents and ultraviolet rays. It's perfectly washable, too. Every rug looks like a macro-reproduction of an organic fabric: a coffee filter, seen under the microscope.

Vieques Rugs are available in different formats and four colour combinations: brown, grey, beige and red.

Technical info: PVC Fabric
Picture credits: Kettal