Weld Bag


Weld Bag, developed by young Dutch industrial designer Joris de Groot, adapts a fold normally used to make plastic shopping bags and PVC fabric welding, to create a line of products that includes a shopping tote, sports and beach bags, and a laptop briefcase. 

As Joris explains: “Techniques, for construction and production, are my starting point. It’s my interest in techniques that brought me to plunge myself into knotting and twining during the first years of my studies in Arnhem. The same interest is at the root of my project to use existing industrial techniques and unused industrial capacity to create new products.”

Weld Bag is developed in collaboration with Dolfing Druten, a manufacturer of work clothes, rain gear and waterbeds, using high frequency welding. 

The bag was recently exhibited at Milan Design Week as part of the design exhibition Workmates.


Project: Weld Bag

Designer: Joris de Groot, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Producer: Dolfing Druten, Druten, Netherlands

Technical info: PVC fabric and leather

Picture credits: Rolf Hensel, JW Kaldenbach

Website: www.dolfing.nl