Wireflow, designed by Arik Levy. A hanging lamp which reviews and updates the chandelier-look through an exercise of simplification that explores its essence and enhances its outline with great delicacy and, at the same time, a strong formal presence.

Its appearance, as a structure of fine cables finished with eight 3.7W LED terminals, discreetly connects with classic chandelier models, taking this type of lamp to a new, groundbreaking and futuristic dimension. 

Wireflow explores geometries in two and three dimensions through a series of pendant-like, lighting fixtures which are composed of simple elements, which, from certain angles, appear flat, like a line-drawing suspended in air.

Designed by French designer Arik Levy, the structures are formed by
thin, special, coloured PVC electric cable extrusions and metal rods which end in LED terminals (3W) for illumination, continuing the visual fluidity of the lines.

Produced by Spanish company Vibia (http://www.vibia.com), Wireflow explores presence and absence, transparency and luminosity, light and fluidity. 

Employing CREA product configuration software, the design can be modified to adapt to your specific project requirements. 


Project: Wireflow

Designer: Arik Levy, Paris, France

Producer: Vibia, Barcelona, Spain

Technical info: PVC Cables

Picture credits: Vibia

Website: www.ariklevy.fr