Works On Reflection II

Kim Thome, the Norwegian designer, has installed a series of two-way mirrors that reflect vinyl stripes covering the walls of London’s William Benington Gallery.

Works On Reflection II is a spatial installation which is a result of a longer investigation exploring the ’reflective’. Using the gallery space as the canvas, the installation will use the ‘reflective’ as medium, or more specifically, a two way mirror. Colour, geometry and patterns are central in staging a fictional space for these to merge, creating an ephemeral ever-changing environment. 

Three mirrors stand central in the gallery space interacting and reflecting the colour vinyl pattern on the walls. Semi-transparent and reflective material such as two-way mirror allows the fore and background to be manipulated by carefully controlling the surrounding elements.

Colour in the pattern divides the space into three separate areas following the gallery’s interior architecture, giving a new graphic element to the mirrors as the viewer explores the space.

In this work viewers are challenged by what the reflections reveal, another reality, far from what is visually expected, engaging the viewer to reconsider the objects reflected.



Project:  Works On Reflection II

Location: William Benington Gallery, London, UK

Designer:  Kim Thome, Oslo, Norway    

Technical infoVinyl stripes


Picture creditsKim Thome