Yoda Chair

Integrating locally-sourced organic materials with innovative hand-made production techniques, Philippines-based designer Kenneth Cobonpue, offers an alternative to the Western definition of modern design. 


After his European studies, Cobonpue returned home to Cebu, Philippines in 1996, founding his own brand and discovering that modern design could have a new face using natural fibres and plastic materials as the medium.


Integrating locally sourced organic materials with innovative hand-made production techniques mixed with plastic materials, he offered an alternative to the more conventional definition of design production. And observing creativity through an organic lens while paying homage to the talented handwork of the craftsman would form the core foundation of the designs produced today.


The Yoda Easy Chair expresses a balance between simplistic form and striking detail, with its novel backrest giving it its unique character.  It’s a clear example of a mix of different materials, sharing tradition and innovation: the chair is constructed of split rattan for the indoor version and flexible, extruded PVC rods for the outdoor version, both on a steel frame.


The Yoda taps the natural tension of the rattan vine and PVC rods, resembling tall blades of grass growing from the seat on a summer’s day. With prolonged use, the “stalks” open and shape the back into its final setting.


Its rattan and PVC display offers comfort concealed in randomness reminiscent of nature’s surprises.


Project: Yoda Chair

Designer & Producer: Kenneth Cobonpue, Cebu City, Philippines

Technical info: PVC rods

Picture credits: Seiryo Yamada

Website: www.kennethcobonpue.com